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The Tie-Up software is designed to analyse the firing sequence of a blast to aid the optimising of blast results. The program includes the following capabilities and features:

Design layout tools are available to enable even complex blast layouts to be entered quickly and timed with a range of initiation products including pyrotechnic delays and electronic detonators. The software has sophisticated timing analysis capabilities including the graphical illustration of the statistical timing scatter normally associated with pyrotechnic delays.

Statistical Analysis tool:

The Statistical Analysis Tool applies the product standard deviation to the nominal design time to assess the possible outcomes of the blast design timing.


Bench design or import, your choice:

An existing Bench design can be imported into Tie-Up from tabular file formats.

If no file is available for the existing bench you can easily create a new blast by using the Tie-Up design functions.

What is Tie-Up Timing Design Software?

Tie-Up was designed in order to create, review, and implement different timing designs for different applications as well as situations.

Tie-Up allows the user to complete the timing design and afterwards analyse the direction the rock will throw and also different scenarios where mass per delay could be of concern.



Based on the design the initiating system units are contained in the reports. This include:

  • Initiator summary report
    • A summary of the units needed and the length of the units needed
    • Exactly what you need for placing an order
  • Borehole accessory report
    • Exactly what units is needed at each individual hole and where it needs to connect to

System requirements:

Minimum system requirements

Recommended system requirements