It may be that your profile on the computer does not allow you to install any programs.
Please contact your local IT Department to install the program(s) or change your profile to have Administrative rights on all folders.

You need to have Administrative rights to the Program Data folder.
Contact your IT department to allow you to read from and write to the Program Files (x86) and Program Data folders and all subsequent folders.
Please also view "Regional Settings".

Regional settings must have a full stop/dot "." as a decimal separator. Using a comma "," will make it impossible for the software to save data to the database. The date formating may present earlier when launching the applications.

Unfortunately we cannot control your internet connection speed.
If possible move to an area with better connection speed or download the software during off-peak hours.

The recommended resolution for the software is 1920 x 1080 with a scale and layout of 100%.

The database being interrogated contains no data. Please ensure you have the correct permission and start the application again.

Should the error persist the database can be manually updated, please contact for assistance.

  1. Please ensure you have the correct permission and start the application again.
  2. Another possibility is your anti-virus, please test by temporarily disabling the anti-virus and try saving the template again.
  3. Should this also fail, run the application as Administrator.

Please ensure you have a fast and stable internet connection. Firewall rules and IT policies may block access to database servers. Please contact your IT department for assistance on all networks utilized.

In File Explorer, click on "View" at the top, then check the box next to "Hidden items". The Program Data folder will be visible in File Explorer inside your "C" drive.